“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” Walt Streightiff

I have put these two qualities together because they dance together, working like a beautiful symphony.

WONDER is without thought; it encompasses a feeling of awe and of ‘WOW’ and rises up after you interact and engage with the world. Wonder can arise from both positive and negative experiences, either way it quickens the blood. It is the ability to experience the magic inherent in all of our experiences.

Now, you can wonder and do nothing. It is CURIOSITY that drives us to act and to discover.

CURIOSITY is the conscious construction of inquiry, the conscious intent to know more; the desire to seek and to find.  It is our curiosity that compels us to act.

WONDER and CURIOSITY work together like this:

We wonder, we are curious and we act. Then, we wonder again, we are curious again and we act again. All the while we venture forth from the known into the unknown; we grow and we learn.

It is vital to note here that at the heart of this symphony lies INTEREST. We wonder about the things that interest us and we are naturally drawn to learn more about them. Without INTEREST, this extraordiary process starts to strain and lose its power and potential. When this happens we stop learning, we become tired and bored. Just think about how difficult it is to learn something that you have no interest in, let alone enjoy the process.

Children embody this symphony. You just have to watch a child to see it alive and working well. Children learn more in the first 5 years of their lives than they do over a lifetime. Why? Because they are allowed to learn naturally. They are on fire with both WONDER and CURIOSITY, you can literally see it in their eyes.

What does this mean for us?

There is no right way to be and there is no right way to live life. There are only endless possibilities. By reconnecting with WONDER and CURIOSITY you open the doors to these possibilities and thus you leave them open for your children. It means saying yes to all our ‘what if’ questions and creating the space for discovering all that we love. When we lose our WONDER and CURIOSITY, we lose the very thing that breeds meaning, excitement, potential and creativity. Because these things are rooted in INTEREST, when we lose them it causes us to lose the meaning in our lives and we are left with a void always yearning to be filled. By reconnecting with them, we can bring meaning to our lives, we can create change, we can innovate and we can bring joy to what we do.

How do we reconnect with our WONDER and CURIOSITY?

  1. Learn from the Masters. INVEST TIME in your children, see what they see in the world and allow yourself to feel as they do.
  2. LET GO of the incessant need to know and let go of needing to be right.
  3. REDISCOVER what interests you. It is there; it always is, lying dormant beneath all our pretending. Ask yourself; What do I love? What would I do if I could not fail? If I could be anything what would I be?
  4. Record your ideas, whether you write or draw, get it all down on paper. This connects the right and left sides of your brain and will lead you to greater clarity.
  5. TAKE ACTION towards what you would love. No more, ‘I should,’ instead say YES to more of what you love. Remember that every time you take a step towards what you love, you get closer to what you truly love. This means being flexible and open to everything.

Are you living your life from your head or your heart?  Do you fill your life with all the things that you love?  Allow yourself to WONDER and be CURIOUS about what could be.  You may just find a pot of gold!!!

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