For as long as I can remember I have believed in the true meaning of education.

 As a little girl I felt there was something within me that the system was missing out on. Aside from a few moments of rebellion, I always tried to tow the line, to be what I perceived the adult world wanted me to be. I have mostly succeeded in this throughout my life. However, I have always carried a fire burning in the deepest part of my soul that I felt was not seen.   The truth is, I lost that sense of myself and I have invested the most part of my adult life finding it again. The magic here is that it is always there and no matter what happens, we can find it.

Upon leaving the ‘educational system,’ I was drawn to investigate and learn as much as I could about it and to see if I could find a place for my soul beliefs within it. I completed a bachelor degree in education and embodied all of the learning I could find. I travelled to Reggio Emilia, Italy with some of my fellow ‘educators in training’ and it was here that I realised that little girl was onto something. I realised how we as a society have blindly, however not vindictively, created a system that has forgotten one very powerful truth. That true learning comes from within!!

 As I have become a parent this has only been highlighted more as I have realised how much our children have to teach us, that their lives are their own and that education should be about them, not about us. Children are human beings in their own right, come into this world to establish their own place in it, to craft a life that fulfills their deepest truth. They need to be honored for who they are and who they want to be! They need to be given the freedom to find their own path.

 My own journey has led me on many different pathways as I have searched for the educational journey for my own children that may set them free. Through each decision and through every change I have learnt so much and although I do not have all the answers, I know that this is my purpose and that I am close.

 Katuco is a place where I put all the pieces together in all their chaotic beauty and where I hope to find the treasures that lie amongst it all.

 It is dedicated to my children, who are my greatest teachers and my constant inspiration.  I hope somewhere in all my imperfection that I may nurture them to know who they are, to be unashamed and to create a life that is full of glorious learning and all the things that they love.

Thank you for sharing my journey.