As I am unpacking the incredible innate qualities of children and why they are the treasures we may be seeking I have found a couple of things worth mentioning…

Firstly,  I have found myself in this journey.  I realised how the qualities I see in children are the very qualities that I need to reconnect within myself; in order to successfully create a life that I love.  These qualities are the things that enable me to find my own meaning and purpose in life.  I believe that, for parents and educators alike, we must:


This is true for me because I believe that when we are true to ourselves, when we know who we are and when we can master the stories that play out in our own minds, only then can we be the parents and teachers that our children need us to be.  This is when we can truely see them and when we can still our own agendas in order to give them what they really need.  Our children are our greatest teachers and all we have to do to receive the gifts they give us is to reconnect with our own child within.

Secondly, I see the gold that may help us navigate and innovate our education system.  It is easier, I believe, to make our changes at home.  However, the ‘system’ is much more difficult because we perceive that we have so little control or influence over it.  When I talk about what I am creating I find that people are inspired by it, they are curious and mostly they agree.  The question, however that always raises its head is, “but how the hell do you impact the schools?”  To be honest, I do not have the answer to this question yet.  It remains a vision, a vortex of possibility and whole lot of the unknown.  The key here is to not be afraid or defeated.  This is something I have to remind myself daily.  So we keep going and I believe we will find a way….

So my plan is this,

I will write about the qualities that I see.

I will write about how that quality can impact our lives as adults and things we can do to reconnect with it.

I will write about how this all fits in with education, its challenges and its possibilities.

Finally, I will write about all the things I learn as I write…

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