We want to create something new, something different and something extraordinary. We have no formula and no predisposed step-by-step process to follow. Instead we have a vision, a blank canvas and the colours of imagination, creativity and courage. We have the beginnings of a masterpiece.

Now obviously we know what we don’t want but that is not enough to create the change we crave or the vision that visits us in our dreams. We can spend the rest of our lives talking about what we don’t like about education, we can debate it and we can fight about it. Alternatively we can begin the journey that enables us to DO something about it.

So, where do we start?

I believe we begin with a paradigm shift. In order to throw out the old and welcome the new we must acknowledge and understand the power of ‘the shifting paradigm.’ A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach and underlying assumptions and beliefs. Consciously and unconsciously what we assume about life and what we believe about life, influences all of our choices, decisions and actions. By reestablishing the paradigm from which we live, we gain ownership over what we are creating. We are bringing what usually lies unconsciously beneath the surface up and out into the open. Only then can we be the true Masters of what we are creating.

While this can be confronting, I believe it is essential. If I unconsciously assume or believe that young children ‘should be seen and not heard’ then no matter how hard I try, I will never really be able to listen to them; to their ideas, their needs and their desires. Instead I will pass on that fundamental assumption or belief to them. If I unconsciously assume or believe that young children ‘are empty buckets that need to be filled by us (the adults in their lives)’, then I will never truly be able to give them the freedom to learn, I will never truly be able to believe that they can do it on their own. These are just 2 of the assumptions and beliefs that underlie how we parent and how we educate.

In diving deeply into our own paradigm we are not making ourselves wrong, not at all. We are simply getting to know ourselves more deeply. When we do that we are able to make powerful choices about who we want to be, and the sorts of things that underlie our decisions in life. We can consciously choose to throw out the things that do not serve our hearts and our children.

Through my writing I am sharing with you the shift I am making in my own life, I am unpacking all that underlies how I live and in that, I am choosing what truly serves me, my family and my children. I am also establishing the paradigm from which we will create, “The New School!” I believe that our starting point is not with curriculum, subjects, class structure, teachers, resources, etc. Instead, we begin with a powerful foundation, an authentic paradigm, one that truly serves our children. Once we have that, we will be able to create something truly incredible, we will be strong in our decisions and will do what needs to be done. Without it, we may get lost and worse still, get sucked back into a system that has undoubtedly engrained itself in society.

I would love for you to come on this journey with me and share your shift. If we do that than I believe we will have the warriors we need for the change we seek. Remember any real lasting change for our children begins with a change within us. I believe they are waiting for us to have the courage to do just that. And, I’m truly excited by it.


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