A new term begins…

After a holiday spent getting cozy on cold days and catching up with our family, we begin our term 2.

The children and I all struggled to sleep and it is hard to know exactly why.  I was having a talk to Cove, who was the most restless of us all, and he said that he did not want to go to school.  We talked for a while and he eventually fell asleep after we decided that we would go on an adventure and find 5 things to love about school.  Grateful that his eyes closed and sleep finally found him, I lay awake.

The truth is I feel guilty.  I want him desperately to enjoy his experiences at school.  In my own life, however I just don’t see the point of doing things that make me unhappy.  I don’t believe that is what life is about and I wonder how to show my children that they always have a choice when actually, they don’t.  At this point in our lives we need the school and I tell the children that the choice they do have, is how they respond to it.  I know there is still some adjusting that he has to do and that, like all things, it takes time.  It did, however get me asking the question,

“What would schools look like if they were places where children longed to be?”

If you run a business you constantly search for ways to bring people in and to inspire them to love your product or service.  You would search for ways to make your business better by finding out what your clients or customers want.  So what about school?  Is it really that different?

Maybe we don’t ask these questions because we are afraid of what our children really want?  Maybe we already know that the changes we would need to make would be dramatic, and how can that be possible in a system that is almost archaic?  How can a system so controlled make the sort of changes our children may seek? And finally, do we actually trust that our children would know what they want or do we believe that it is up to us, as adults, to decide that for them?

  2 comments for “A new term begins…

  1. hokoyo
    July 17, 2017 at 6:32 am

    This is a hard one. I never wanted to go to school. Ever. Yet I have a niece who, even if she’s deathly I’ll, HATES missing school because she loves it so much. I dread sending my daughter to school because of how I felt…. I’m hoping that she’ll feel like my niece, and not me, when she does.
    I LOVE your idea of finding five cool/exciting/interesting things about school. I’ll try and remember that. x

    • sallyjtaylor
      July 19, 2017 at 1:22 am

      Lovely to hear from you!

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