In my last post I spoke about a couple of things that would liberate us from the old ways and open education to new possibilities. Post writing it, I held my heart in my throat and decided to look into the ‘rules and regulations’ for opening a school in Victoria, Australia. I think my heart jumped up into my throat because I knew what I would find. I invested most of the holidays marinating on what I found and really reflecting on my path forward.

Opening a school in Victoria is so swamped by legislation and red tape that I can honestly see why most people would think it would be just too hard and too stressful. Honestly it would be an all-consuming adventure. Upon talking to my wonderful friend, I asked myself if I would have the energy for it. My honest answer here is, “I don’t know!” I am deeply committed to my life and my family and regardless of the road I take; I am committed to be there for them, in the largest possible capacity. If this adventure were to take me too far from them and from my life, I think it would not suffice.

On the other hand, I cannot sit back for the next 10 years and watch them in a system that does not serve their highest good. I believe that if you have a calling in your heart you have a responsibility to follow it. If you choose to ignore it, which I have done a number of times, it will just rise up again and it will visit you in your dreams until you say yes!

Remember, the things that call to you from a place deep within are never about you, they are about so much more than that. Also, there are endless ways of bringing that calling into the world. So don’t be stumped when one way seems pointless or impossible. Instead open your heart to find another.

So therein lies the question “WHAT CAN I DO?” Well, I am creating ways that may allow me to still make the changes I seek. I am laying my heart open to anything and I am allowing myself to imagine possibilities that may still lead to a ‘new school.’

There are 2 things that I am doing right now:

First and foremost, I am working on myself.  I am unlocking doors within that will allow me to truly manifest my dreams.  I am diving deeper and deeper into what I would truly love in my own life and I am listening for the things that hold me back.  No judgement, no criticism, just the truth!

Secondly I am focusing on my own children first. I am going to do whatever it takes to enhance their experience of education and of life.  I am preparing to open up a dialogue with their teachers about what I would love for them and the changes I would like to see in their experience of school. Even as a fellow educator, I am daunted by this.  I have witnessed how easily parents are silenced by jargon and by the ‘way it’s always been.’  I think I know what I will encounter but rather than asking, “what’s the point?” I’m going to do it anyway because I feel it will lead me onto my next action step.

I am not going in blind, however, I am arming myself with insight and knowledge of the curriculum.  I can then meet them where they are at and hopefully move beyond it’s excuse!!

Stay tuned…


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