Towards the end of our journey around Australia we began to feel a pull towards finding a place to call home. For probably the last 12 years Trent and I have dreamt of one day owning our own property. In the days of vision boards we imagined green rolling hills, a running creek, breathtaking views and a whole lot of space.

We decided to settle amongst the mountains and rivers of country Victoria, close enough to see our beloved families regularly but far enough away that we don’t get swamped by the city lights. It was then that ‘Zoe and the Snail,’ as our home while travelling became affectionately known, came to rest. It felt bittersweet and took a good few months to settle into a rental property in the area.

We once again began to search for a property, a process that was always full of hope, frustration, potential and then failure. While the times we failed were hard to deal with, they were a blessing. Each try and fail led us to where we are now. We finally found our place in the world, a place that is now our home. Not a day goes by that we don’t marvel at how perfect it is for us. We often laugh about how we have no idea what we are doing, BUT because we love it with all of our hearts we are learning fast and furiously.

We are throwing down some sturdy roots, imagining all it is going to be and step by step creating a sanctuary!! Finally, my Trent has found somewhere to hang his hat and fulfill his soul.

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