We travelled Australia for nearly 2 years and it will always be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

I got to experience education at it’s fundamental best. We did very little structured instruction and we did not follow a curriculum. Instead we allowed education to flow organically from our experiences and from the interests that our children had. In those 2 years our children grew and developed along a timeline that was unique to each of them. They did not necessarily follow the timeline of their schooled peers but it did not matter. They were confident and happy.

Now, let’s be very clear, I am not saying everything was perfect or that my children are academic geniuses. We experienced many challenges along the way. The children had their learning struggles, they flowed in and out of being inspired and they definitely did not always get on well. The difference I have been privileged to experience is,  IT DIDN’T MATTER.  No-one judged them or scored them, we were able to handle everything moment to moment, as life should be!

I am constantly and very deeply moved by our adventure around this amazing country. Yes, it was so much fun but I got more than that. I saw life for all it’s possibilities, I felt free from thinking there was only one way to live it and I saw that I was powerful and could create a life that I loved.

With regards to education I was in awe of what incredible potential lies in allowing our children to be FREE. While I was watching them, listening to them and being with them I saw them in all their glorious humanness, I saw them as true masters of their own lives.

This is a snap shot of our journey… Living and Learning Together

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